Writing academic papers; what to avoid

Academic papers are normally an insight into the capacity of an individual to perform a regular flow of ideas with a view to understanding a particular phenomena or topic of discussion. In writing academic papers, writers are normally required to set their flow of ideas in a manner that will allow the reader to understand the particular focus and point of view that has been taken up. With respect to this; it is important to avoid aspects that hinder the expression of ideas and they include:

  • Generalization of ideas
  • The major role of academic papers is often to determine the extent to which a writer has understood the concept or topic under review. Giving a general view of the topic thus beats the logic of the academic paper since it gives the impression of an individual who has a blanket idea without the major facts in place. Concentrating on delivering the points in a punch line manner and with a focus model that eliminates generalization is a sure way to avoid writing academic papers that lack the power to impress.

  • Discriminative thesis statements
  • Discriminative thesis statements always makes a reader develop a fixed mindset as to what the academic paper is all about. A discriminative thesis statement should be an assertion that a writer makes which can be supported by the evidence and facts in the body. Taking on a discriminative thesis makes for a body that struggles to prevent the reader from developing a stereotypic attitude towards the writer. In the eventual reality, this aspect performs to the disadvantage of the writer in the average process of information relaying and capturing the thoughts of the readers.

  • Fiction oriented ideas
  • Academic papers should be based purely on the documented facts and this means that the room for innovation that can be exploited is in the management and presentation of the same facts. Taking up and mixing fiction with the documented facts contradicts the flow of ideas and makes the paper unworthy in dissemination of information. With academic papers, there is normally very little room for maneuvering in terms of exploiting the thin line between fact and fiction. Facts normally present the ideas in an educated manner and also ensure that every aspect of the paper is backed with the appropriate knowledge resource base. Concentrating on facts and how they relate to the topic at hand is the focus line that should be taken to avoid a fail in the academic paper orientation.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014