Arabic Morphology – Research Paper Sample

Arabic morphology is concerned with changes that happen to spoken words in Arabic. It also deals with distinct forms and scales of the word that a person gets. Arabic as a language is non-concatenative morphologically. This is because there is a difficulty in generating Arabic verbal morphology due to a large number of variants that must be produced. Arabic verbal terms are based on quadrilateral and trilateral roots. Further, stems are made by a derivative blend of a vowel melody and root morpheme. These two are set according to canonical patterns. Roots are blended with patterns to make stems.

In Arabic morphology, there exist fifteen trilateral patterns, of which not less than nine are commonly applied, and four form rare quadrilateral patterns. All these Arabic morpheme patterns undergo stem transformation with respect to voweling in double level morphology. This system eventually is reworked into lexical transducer to perform generation and analysis. In double level system, the lexical part comprises of short vowels that are not easily recognized on the surface level. Arabic verbal morphology is made between strong and weak verbs. Strong verbs undergo system transformation in vowels from perfect to the imperfect. The first aggressive vowel disappears in the imperfect while those verbs that contain middle vowels disappear in the perfect. The weak verbs are made up of weak consonant like ‘y’ or ‘w’. Additionally, hollow verbs have weak middle vowels, therefore, in both imperfect and perfect tenses; allomorphs, one long, and one recognize the stem short, and whose application depends on gender, number, and person.

In Arabic morphology, grammars are not uniform in their categorization of ‘hamzated’ verbs, verbs possessing the glottal stop as one of the aggressive verbs. It is also important to note that Arabic transcription of capital letters represents emphatic consonants. For instance, ‘H’ indicates the voiceless pharyngeal fricative, which is the glottal stop. In sum, as discussed, Arabic morphology is deals with Arabic verbal terms, grammars, and consonants.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014