Is It Possible to Hire an Essay Writer for Free?

The short answer: No. It simply isn’t possible to get an essay writer to handle your paper for free. You wouldn’t even be “hiring” them if they’re doing it for free. There are so many reasons why this doesn’t fly in most scenarios, but to name a few:

  • No benefit in doing a paper for free.
  • It isn’t worth the constant editing.
  • It isn’t worth having someone over your shoulder.

No Benefit

Let’s be very specific about this one: there is no benefit for the essay writer to write your paper for free. They’re not getting paid, they’re not getting credit in class or even writing credits, doing a free paper isn’t going to bring that writer paid business unless the client tells everyone they paid for their paper, and any sort of writing that isn’t recreation is just time consuming and rests in the tedious end of the interesting-boring spectrum.

A simple “thank you” is no reward for doing your eight page research paper and having to handle the research into the subject or topic. No one writes an essay just to pass the time.

It Isn’t Worth It

It just isn’t worth doing the essay for free. Time is eaten up, people—the client—is over your shoulder asking “How is it coming along?” and “Think you’ll finish in time?” No matter how great the paper is, there will need to be some editing done. The only time any of this is escapable is if the person really just needs a paper and something to hold their grade up. Other than that, if the writer isn’t getting paid, it isn’t worth being hounded by their “client”.

Is There Any Instance Where a Writer Will Do a Paper For Free?

Well of course—if you can blackmail the writer. If you have no dirt on the essay writer, it’s just best to pay what you should to get the paper done. It’s as simple as that.

While people will do some things out of the kindness of their hearts and expect no reward or payoff, essay writing isn’t one of those things. There would have to be something that makes having to do your job: the research, the writing, the drafting, the formatting, etc. worth their time—time that could’ve been spent doing their own work or relaxing.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014