How to Do a Research Paper in APA Format: The Title Page

As the first page of your research paper the reader reviews, you need to make sure to display content carefully according to guidelines and instructions. While there is a basic APA format with specifics on how to present details, there could be variations from what your instructor expects from you. The cover page not only introduces who did the work but it represents you and your efforts. The details on the page may seem simple enough; it is a matter of how to place them properly on the page to complete your presentation. The following tips can help you construct a solid title page in APA format for your research paper.

  • Review elements necessary for your title page. Some schools may vary on what is essential for their title page. Common elements found include name of author, title or name of the work, running head, page number and school or course name and affiliation.
  • Select a name for your paper if you have yet to do so. Your title should be concise and specific. Some students need to review samples to generate ideas. Know the difference between a specific and general title. A general title will seem basic with little detail differentiating it from the content that will follow. Your hypothesis may help hint your title.
  • Most pages of your research paper will feature a running head unless stated otherwise. This helps your content appear clean and flush through your work. The running head appears in the left corner.
  • The upper right corner will have a page number. Some instructors may not want students to have a number of this page, but many title pages will be the first page of the research paper.
  • The page title should appear on the left of the page at the top in all caps. This is considered the first line of your title page. Your title name selection at this point is crucial; you may only be required a certain number of characters in this space (50 is a common number). The requirement may include any punctuations or spaces that occur between words.
  • Make sure you check your title page and be sure it includes what is required. You may need to double-space content appearing on the page.
  • Don’t forget to seek a few examples to help you understand the APA format better.

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Posted by September 15th, 2014