Why It's Important to Pick Interesting Topics for Research Papers

You will most likely have to write a bunch of research papers for school over the years. It is a great way for your instructor to further your learning in the area of study and to assess how well you understand the concepts that they are discussing. Sometimes you are given specific topics to discuss and this can sometimes be more challenging because you may not be interested in the topic. When you do get the opportunity to choose your own topic, you have to make sure it is an interesting one.

Reasons why it is important to pick an interesting topic

  1. There has been so many times when you have been forced to read something that you were not interested in. Did you like doing it? Probably not. Nobody likes to read something that they don’t find interesting. They find themselves having to reread paragraphs because they weren’t paying attention or they just skim through it and don’t read it at all. This is what happens when you have a boring topic. Don’t make your instructor’s eyes glaze over. He or she has a bunch of papers to read and your grade will be affected if you bore him or her to death.
  2. The word research means that you have to read a bunch of printed material about your subject. It could include everything from reading journals, articles, and text books. If the topic is boring, then the material you have to research is likely to be just as boring. So, to save yourself the agony of reading lots of boring materials, pick an interesting topic.
  3. If you choose a topic you are interested in, you probably know a lot about it or at least enough to minimize the amount of research that you have to do. It will be easier to write your paper because it is something that you know about. You won’t be struggling to find the word. They will just flow. Think about if you had to give a speech. Would you rather give a speech about your favorite band or how long it takes paint to dry?

Once you find a topic that you are interested in, the research will be fun for you and not a chore. If you are stuck reading about an interesting topic, you are sure to enjoy the research and not dread doing it. Just save yourself the hassle of having to tape your eyelids open.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014