Manual Showing How You Should Write a Reflection Paper

Writing a reflection paper is the one chance in writing assignments at school where you do not have to be overly academic and use the pronoun "I".  A reflection piece is a way of letting the teacher know how something impacted you, whether it was an lecture, assigned reading or an event.  But while this type of paper is less academic, it’s still an academic paper and that means it has a form and expectation. Sometimes there are difficulties with writing and work, and people are ready to resort to writing paper online.  Also, below is a step by step process to write an exceptional reflective paper.  If you follow the following steps, writing a reflection paper will be a breeze.

How to Write A Reflection Paper

  • Pre-Write/Brainstorm
  • When you begin to think about writing the reflection piece, you have to brainstorm about how the event you are reflecting on made you feel.  For purposes of this article, lets purpose you are writing about an assigned reading.  In the brainstorming stage you want to think about how the piece you read made you feel.  What did you take away from it? How did it change your way of thinking?  Jot the answers down and just really anything that stood out to you from the passage.  

  • Organize
  • Now that you’ve gotten all your thoughts out, you can organize them.  Sort through your thoughts and reaction and decide what is important.  What are the most important thoughts.  This is when you can discover what the main themes are. Organizing the thoughts you had, gives you a chance to decide what you should include in the reflection paper and what you can leave out.

  • Write

Now that you have brainstormed and organized you can begin to write.  Most reflection papers are short by paper standards.  Only about 300 to 700 words. Sp instructors will give a specific word count, so be sure to follow any parameters that they have laid out. Start writing your paper, like all other papers, with the introduction.  At the end of the introduction lay your thesis statement.  This statement should be a brief explanation of if  the reading met your expectations or not. Move into the body where you where you discuss each reaction with varied sentence structure.  Each new thought should be in a new paragraph.  Each thought so lead to the conclusion you took away from the reading assignment.  Finish the paper with a conclusion where you describe the overall lesson you have learned.

These three simple guidelines will lead to a paper that you will be proud of.  It will be effective and organized, which should impress any instructor.  Good luck writing your reflection paper.

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Posted by June 4th, 2019