Finding a Proofread Example of a Research Paper

Writing a research paper is a skill that can make sure that students get good grades and learn all that is expected in a particular academic area. The process of organizing, researching and creating a quality draft is a powerful skill, but it doesn’t end there. It is inevitable that a good student develops the skill of proofreading their papers. Students who proofread can eliminate mistakes and produce papers of the highest quality. Finding a proofread example of a research paper can show a student what that high quality paper should look like. There is a process involved in proofreading though, that anyone can practice and become good at.

Read Out Loud

When you are done with your rough draft, check its quality by reading it out loud. Reading out loud will reveal simple mistakes in sentence structure and noun-verb agreement that may be missed reading in your head. Often times when you read something silently, personal biases are used in inflection and they simply don’t make sense or are wrong. Reading out loud removes this problem and makes for a better proofread paper.

Wait before You Proofread

Proofreading should never happen immediately after the paper is originally completed. Often an author is too connected with their work to see mistakes even if they are glaring. Taking some time and stepping away from the work, allows the author to use a fresh pair of eyes. The distance will make the proofreading process much more successful.

Rely on a Peer Edit

One of the most inexpensive sources of proofreading is to offer to swap proofreading services with a peer in the same class. This can be mutually beneficial as ideas on structure, citations and content can be shared. Often times, proofreading someone else’s paper will make a student look at work they have created in a fresh way.

More Accurate than Spell Check

Even though the modern computer program of spell check is a most helpful tool, it is not infallible and proofreading fills in that void. Often times in the English language there are several words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have a totally separate meaning. Spell check will not give you a convenient red underline of this, but will mark it as correct. A solid proofread will pick this up and allow for the best ideas of the author to shine through.

Remember that finding a proofread example of a research paper will give a student the chance to become the best proofreader possible. This skill will make a student more successful in all of their academic activities.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014