Ask an Expert to Help You with Topic Ideas for a Research Paper

There are many sources that can help you find a good topic for a research paper. The best of the options available to every student is a custom writing service. By employing them, you will be able to get a precious piece of advice from an experienced professional.

People who make their living by creating high quality essays know what topics will be able to make an impression on your classmates and teachers. You will need to provide the expert with a bit of personal information about your interests, so they can help you choose something that you will be genuinely interested in.

If you are still undecided about consulting a professional writer, you can study the following topic suggestions to get some inspiration:

  • What kind of abstinence programs is the most effective?

    This will be a good choice for a comparison essay. You will need to list the currently existing programs, assess them from psychological, physiological and social points of view. Provide solid evidence to support your choice and make sure that your reasoning is sound and logical.

  • Do the current active anti-terrorism policies actually encourage terrorists?

    This topic will require you to delve into the depths of psychology, sociology and behaviorism. You will need to research the current anti-terrorist policies as well as known terrorist organizations and their agenda.

  • Should the cases of bullying be handled directly by the police?

    In this essay, you will need to define bullying and explain current mechanisms of ant-bullying procedures used in schools/workplace/etc. Hypothesize what would happen if these occurrences are treated as legal offences and dealt with directly by the police, instead of the institution’s administrator.

  • Why will people get married if civil unions have the same rights as legal ones?

    This essay will need to focus on psychology of relationships. You will also need to explore the perception of marriage by society and try to explain why this union goes deeper than the legalities surrounding it.

  • Are fast food restaurants to blame for obesity?

    To answer this question you will need to do a lot of research. You will need to establish the connection between the rise of the number of fast food restaurants and growing rates of obesity epidemics. You will also need to assess the issue from the physiological point of view and explain how this kind of food affects human bodies.

There are hundreds of original topics for you to choose from. Just focus on the area you are interested in and get creative. If this doesn’t work, seek professional advice.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014