How is The Science Research Paper Format Different from Any Other?

At first, a new writer may get confused when writing a science research paper because of its rigid format. A scientific paper has a different structure from any other paper, including humanity papers. They are two major reasons why scientific papers are diverse from the rest. Scientific adopt this format since it is an effective way of conveying scientific findings to the society – in a manner that scientist in the community can understand.


Yet another reason why science research papers employ this format is because the structure enables the paper to be viewed from diverse perspectives. For instance, an individual may choose to skim the Titles in order to know what the subject entails. Other may choose to look at just the titles and abstracts. Essentially, the format adopted by scientific papers makes certain that any reader – regardless of the level of the paper they choose to read - will probably get the main idea, key findings as well conclusions. 

Here is the kind of format followed by most science research papers and brief description of each. A considerable number of journal-style scientific papers feature the following sub-sections:

  • Title - This is the main title of your science paper
  • Author and Affiliation - here the author of the paper lists their affiliation, including the university or research institution.
  • Abstract - A summary of the main points
  • Introduction – in this section you are expected to define the problem
  • Methods – Gives an account of how you solved the problem
  • Results - in this section you are supposed to list your findings
  • Discussion - here you explain your results and what they mean
  • Acknowledgements – this section is optional although you are expected to acknowledge individuals who helped you with the research if they are any.
  • Literature Cited – as a rule you have to list all the works that you referred to when writing your research paper.
  • Appendices – this one is also optional; here you state additional information.

Compared to other forms of research papers, scientific papers definitely follow a distinct style. If you are asked to write a science research paper by your course instructor, then this is the ideal format to use. Do some extensive research on how to format your science research paper because there is more to it than just the structure if you want to score high marks.  

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Posted by September 15th, 2014