10 Current Astronomy Research Paper Topics You Can Write on

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines astronomy as “the study of objects and matter outside the earth’s atmosphere and of their physical and chemical properties”. This means that astronomy studies outer space. The other planets and their solar systems are included in this study as well as other galaxies and everything in between.

There are three important steps to writing a research paper. The first is to come up with a topic. This should be something that interests you because you will be more passionate about a paper on a subject that you care about. When you are passionate about a topic, you will pay more attention to detail and inevitably write a better paper. The second is to do some research to develop a thesis statement about your topic. A thesis statement is designed to describe the reasons behind why you are writing the paper. It is a fact that you have arrived at due to your research. The third part is to prove in writing why your thesis is true. That means that you need to prove your thesis. The best way to write an essay is to explain at least three reasons why you support your thesis.

To accomplish the first step you have to choose an interesting and relevant topic. Then you need to make sure that you have enough information on it to write your research paper. Determine whether you have enough sources to satisfy your instructor’s requirements for the project.

Here are some topics to help you find one that works. You can use this list as a way to get the ideas flowing.

  1. Atmosphere of the Sun
  2. Dark Matter
  3. Kuiper Belt
  4. Galactic Metropolis
  5. Wobbling Saturn Moon
  6. Study of Exoplanet
  7. Bright Dead Star in Cigar Galaxy
  8. Uranus-Like Planet
  9. Milky Way Black Hole
  10. Mars comet encounter

Here are some great topics that you can research that deal with Astronomy. Choose one that interests you or use these ideas to create your own. They may jog a memory about something that you read about or something that your instructor talked about in one of the chapters.

There are so many interesting topics that are being discussed in the news today. Scientists are continuously discovering new planet or new galaxies and expanding their knowledge about our universe. Discover more about astronomy now.

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Posted by October 21st, 2014