Research paper writing tips: introduction

Writing an introduction for your research paper doesn’t have to be hard. I know how it is with classes, a part time job, family and friends, and no time leftover to do a good job on your assignments. Even if you’re super busy or not a good writer, you can still write a great introduction for your research paper. All you need is organization and figuring out what you want for this project. Your introduction is just that: the beginning intro to the rest of your paper. All it really is a brief summary of your entire paper. It also needs to grab your attention when you read it and make you want to keep reading. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Make a list of everything you need in your essay. This is not just for the introduction; go through your teacher’s instructions and write down each individual task that you’re going to be marked on.
  2. Then, pick out which tasks apply to your introduction and do some brainstorming. For example, if your teacher wants you to start off with an interesting quote, think about what you might want to find for a good quote. Think about how it needs to be structured; where the thesis goes, if there is one; if you need to mention the opposite point of view of the one you’re writing.
  3. Now you can start to write. Do a little precursory research so that you can find a good quote and have a general knowledge of what you’re writing about in the paper. Start to fill in your introduction with facts, opinions, and sources that are relevant to your topic.
  4. Once you’ve written the rest of your paper and done all the research you need to do, you can come back to your introduction with fresh eyes and reread it. Check for continuity with the rest of your research paper, for grammar and spelling, and for how it leads into the rest of the content. It should adequately present the main facts.

Now you’re done! Good luck with writing your research paper’s introduction. Now that you know how simple these steps are, you know that you don’t have to let stress or anxiety creep in when thinking about writing your research paper. It’s all in your head that It’s hard to write a good introduction; you can do it.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014