Legalizing Marijuana

No Government has the Universal Rights to Enforce Laws against Marijuana

It is safe to say that marijuana is the most misunderstood illegal drug; there are several allegations of its effects to the user such as intoxication of the brain, addiction and cause of aggressive behavior. However, the notion about marijuana was based on biased perceptions and lack of understanding. This is also the reason that governments in several countries see it as potentially harmful and impose laws that lacks logical and justifiable basis because they do not understand the nature of marijuana. Laws exist for a reason, but ultimately it stands on the ground of status quo and claims that laws against marijuana will prevent the people from bringing harm to themselves. The common notion about marijuana laws is that people under the influence of marijuana will potentially harm themselves and to larger the culture. However, the laws encompassing an argument about self-harm is always questionable. This is because any idea about the government dictating what is good or bad for the people is indicative of suppression of free will and violation of universal human rights. It stipulates that everyone has the right to participate in cultural life, democracy and to exercise their own free will.

The current laws also mentioned that cannabis has a high attribution to crime rates. However, the government cannot deny that the crimes involving marijuana are more on trafficking, cultivation, selling and smuggling, which are mostly done by drug syndicates. Therefore, the laws does not clearly stipulates how marijuana was linked to hideous crimes such as murder, homicide, manslaughter, let along robbery and kidnapping. There is no clear manifestation that smoking marijuana has anything to do with major crimes in the country. Therefore, there is no reason that it should be illegal. If marijuana is legal, drug syndicates would be deprived of any money-making opportunities and the authorities would save time and effort trying to crack them down.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014