How to Write a Persuasive Research Paper: an Outline Example

The outline is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for writing a persuasive research paper. The outline is where you gather all of your thoughts related to the topic and organize them in whatever fashion fits best. You have the chance to get all of your key ideas and supporting research together and shift around the paragraphs until you have something that is coherent and ideally suited to inform your reader why your side in the argument is the best side to take overall.

When you are writing a paper it is important to have an outline. The outline should start with a blank sheet of paper. It is best to write an outline out by hand first because it requires a tactile response from your brain which triggers creativity.

At the top of the outline you should list your thesis statement. Beneath the thesis is where you place each of your parameters. You should list two or three examples/pieces of evidence that you find to support your parameters and place them beneath each point. Try and place these in order from strongest to weakest.

While working on your paper, you may face writer’s block. If you do, take a short break. Stretch your legs. Let your brain refresh and return to the project after a few minutes. Sometimes writer’s block is just your brain’s way of telling you that it needs a break. Give yourself enough time to lay out your structure and plan an outline before you start writing. This will save you a lot of time and hassle later. If your teacher cannot help you or will not answer questions then ask another teacher or turn to a tutor for help.

If you are looking for interesting topics on which to write your next paper it is best that you consider the following ideas as a foundation upon which to build some ideas that suit your interests and your project details:

  • In what ways should children learn about sex and puberty?
  • Is traditional dating a lost art?
  • What response is best when parents receive a bad report card for their child?
  • Should teachers be involved when a minor is caught sexting?
  • Do child stars end up prone to psychological disorders because of a lost childhood?
  • Should children be allowed to wear whatever they decide?

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Posted by November 21st, 2014