5 Ways to Come Up with an Interesting Research Paper Topic

Research papers can be a serious challenge that not all students are prepared to tackle. With tons upon tons of research filling up academic journals, websites, scholarly articles, books and much more, it can be a real headache trying to locate an original research paper idea. What’s even more difficult is getting your reader to actually care about your paper. When you need to gather interest in your research paper, just remember they five key tips before you undertake the writing project:

1. Use what interests you

Odds are, if you find something to be intriguing, other people will too. Think about the sorts of topics and research areas you find interesting. Your personal interest will spark an insatiable desire to research and write on your topic. That same enthusiasm will be evidenced in your paper; your readers will be inspired to love the topic because they can sense your love for it.

2. Use what you know

Don’t pick some out-of-the-blue, oddball, foreign research topic because it’s crazy and captivating and interesting. If you pick a topic that you have no familiarity with, you are setting yourself up for failure. Picking something interesting does not mean picking something random. Think about where your intelligence strengths lay; what do you know the most about? What are you the most experienced in?

3. Scan through other research material

If you’re stuck and can’t even begin to invent a single idea for your topic, go out and read some others! Sometimes, reading about other research topics in your area can get those creative juices flowing. If anything else, it will point you in some good directions where your research paper can do.

4. Keep it specific

When you need to develop a research paper topic, you generally start with a large subject area: American history, sociology, etc. Once you’ve found your general area, though, you need to narrow it down. The broader your research paper topic is, the more difficult you’ll find the paper to be. By picking a specific research paper topic, you can develop parameters and deepen your exploration into the subject. A thorough, specific research paper is far more interesting than a general paper that jumps all over the place.

5. Use what’s relevant

Which research paper are you more likely to read: a research paper on 17th century farming, or a research paper on marijuana legalization? Odds are, you’d choose the paper that’s more relevant to your life and your interests. Research paper writers should consider the same thing. You’re paper will get a lot more following if it addresses something important to the audience at hand.

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Posted by September 15th, 2014