How Do You Write a Thesis Statement?

Writing any type of essay that requires a thesis statement can be stressful on you as a student, because most of us experience some type of frustration while writing an essay. It’s common to be stressed out when writing an assignment like this, and to get discouraged over how well you are or aren’t doing on the essay, but if you have a plan and stick to it, you’re sure to find success.

There are a few ways you can write your thesis statement, and none of them are necessarily better than the others. A lot of websites will tell you to follow a certain structure and fill in the blanks, like (person/event) is/was (action/role) because of (2-3 reasons). For example, you could fill this in with something like “Hitler was a charismatic leader because he offered a new way of living to his people, and promised to bring them above the devastation from the past war”. Above all, this needs to be a definitive statement, not a question or a pondering statement. You need to say something bluntly, believing it to be true, and then your job in the rest of the essay is to prove that it is.

So what else goes into a good thesis statement? If you’re still unsure, then maybe the problem lies in your topic. You need to choose a topic that offers a lot of research material from both sides of an argument, and one that isn’t necessarily just black and white. When you take a stand on an event or a situation, make sure that you briefly analyze the other side’s arguments as well, and this is usually done mid-introduction, right before your thesis statement. Make sure that your wording flows smoothly into your own statement and that it boosts your position even more.

Although the thesis statement is important, it’s hard to include an overview of your entire essay in just one sentence. That’s why you must pick and choose the most important things, the most influential things in the context of the situation, and then you can touch on the rest of your points later on, but only include the best ones in your thesis statement. This yields a strong essay with a good foundation that will linger in the reader’s mind after they’ve read it, and will ask poignant questions to get them thinking about your position.

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Posted by September 15th, 2014