How to Write an Annotated Bibliography in One Hour

Many professors require their students to include bibliographies for the papers they submit. A bibliography is a list of the sources that you use to create a paper. If you do not include the sources in a list and in your research papers, you could be accused of plagiarism, which can be detrimental to your success in and out of school. Therefore, it is vital that you include every source you access for a research paper.

On top of a simple bibliography, many professors will require annotations, which are little summaries of the bibliography entries. If you have never written an annotated bibliography, it can be a daunting task. But, it is completely possible to write a good annotated bibliography in one hour or less.

Usually, a professor will let students know what type of bibliography they have to write. So, as soon as you hear “annotated bibliography” you should start to keep a good running list of your work. Once you have the list, you need to use to keep a running list of all of the sources that you use. Then, you need to keep a few notes on those actual sources, so you can compile the bibliography in a short amount of time.
You will need to annotate well so you can include the notes and reflections that an annotated bibliography requires.

These are the usual requirements:

  • Summaries: An annotated bibliography should prove that you know the sources very well. You will need to explain what is in each source. You will need to provide a thorough, but concise summary with the major topics and arguments that each source provides. It will be important to paraphrase what is in each source, so you are not accused of plagiarizing in your bibliography.
  • Assessment: Each annotated bibliography entry requires a short evaluation of the source itself. You will need to compare and contrast the sources and you will need to discuss the reliability of the sources. If there is any bias, you should share that in the entry, too. With the ease of adding information to the Internet, most libraries have check lists for evaluating the reliability and accuracy of sources that you can use in your annotated bibliography.
  • Reflection: After the summaries and assessments, annotated bibliography entries require some reflection. You will need to discuss the usefulness of the source and what you learned from the source.

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Posted by June 17th, 2020