Research Paper Topics About Stress: 12 Interesting Ideas

Writing a research paper on stress can be quite intriguing. It is a very interesting concept and something not every student will come up with. It is however a broad subject and you simply cannot write about everything related with stress or anxiety. What you need to do is streamline the scope of your topic and write about the specifics. Depending on the topic you will also have to give some example and different case studies.

Here are 12 interesting ideas that you can further explore:

  1. Does controlling your breathing actually reduce stress? If so how?
  2. The various ways you can reduce stress.
  3. The difference between emotional stress and chronic stress.
  4. How does our though process create stress inside our mind.
  5. The best ways to avoid getting stressed.
  6. Older people are more susceptible to stress. True or false?
  7. Is power napping an effective tool to keep stress levels low?
  8. The breathing techniques that help you relax and fight stress. The scientific explanation behind it. Are there any exceptions?
  9. Does creativity help in combating stress?
  10. A person who works out every day suffers less stress, prove this with example.
  11. The kinds of food that will help you relax.
  12. The cause and effect of acute episodic stress.

Selecting a topic

These are not the only options that you can choose. There are so many different possibilities when you write on something psychologically interesting like stress. You can come up with whole new topics if you know what to look for. These examples are only as prompts in case you do not understand how to shape the topic. But they are also relatively unexplored so you can as easily write on any one of them.

Importance of case studies

When you write a research paper on stress you will need some case studies. You can check with a psychologist to get some samples. Even when it is confidential and not too many psychiatrist will agree to share the information you can persuade a few on condition of anonymity.

Alternatively you can even search in medical journals and psychology magazines to find some account of patients who have suffered from high stress. You can even conduct your own interviews with people you know have faced one of the situations you are going to write about.

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Posted by June 3rd, 2015