Directions on How to Hire a Good Freelance Writer

There are thousands of freelance writers offering their services online. It may seem that this makes finding one easy, but in reality, this has an opposite effect as choosing one of many is never a simple task.

The following tips should help you hire a truly good freelance writer:

  • Search for the right kind of specialist.
  • There are freelance writers who can write any kind of text and those who specialize in one particular type or topic. Depending on your personal requirements, you should look for a specialist best suited to meet your needs. Please note that writers without narrow specialization aren’t worse than their colleagues. However, if the text you need is very specific, it will be better to hire a true professional.

  • Know what to look for in a good writer.
  • Experience and professionalism are the most important qualities for freelance writers. You can check both from the very beginning by asking the person you consider hiring to provide you with some examples of his or her previous works. Having a short chat will allow you to understand the writer’s level of professionalism. A good pro will be polite and speak only to the point.

    He or she also needs to reply to all the messages promptly.

  • Research the writer’s background and reputation.
  • If the person is experienced, you will definitely find some reviews from his or her previous clients. Be sure to study them thoroughly, but do not forget that you should take them with a grain of salt. People are emotional beings and each of them is unique. This means that something that one person sees as a mortal offense can be considered completely normal by someone else.

  • Give the writers you are interested in a test assignment.
  • You should shortlist several most interesting candidates and offer them a test assignment to see whether they can truly meet your professional requirements. Even if you’ve studied some samples offered by the writers, you need to ask them to do this additional job. This will give you a much better idea of whose texts are the best for your business.

  • Study the terms and conditions.
  • A reliable writer will provide you with some guarantees to protect your money and private information. In order to make your deal official, the writer or writing company should sign an agreement with you. Be sure to study all the terms and conditions very carefully, especially the places that explain quality and money back guarantees.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014