How to write solid theses: working with your supervisor

Thesis writing is a skillful task. You have to do it under the supervision of your supervisor. Writing a solid thesis requires few technical things. You have to follow a strategic methodology or get online help at DissertationTeam service to write a solid thesis. Given below is the list of points that you should include while writing your thesis in an impressive manner:

  • The thoughts you are conveying through your thesis work must be clear and straight based on some practical and theoretical assumptions.
  • The introduction that you are going to write must be precise and to the point. It should refer towards the background of your research topic. Literature review should be added in it with valid referees.
  • The overall look of your thesis must be catchy and involving. It should look interesting and structured in a unique way.
  • The sources from where you have collected your data must be reliable and verifiable.
  • You should be well aware of the research methodology that you are going to apply in your thesis work.
  • You final chapter must be filled up with the conclusion of your thesis. You can add recommendations along with your conclusion.

The other aspect of solid thesis writing is to work with your supervisor. Working effectively and efficiently with your supervisor at times becomes tricky. To work efficiently and comfortably with your supervisor you require some skills. Following is the list of some tricky tips that you must apply while working with your thesis supervisor:

  • First of all, if you find your supervisor difficult to handle or work with, you must change him immediately.
  • After selecting a supervisor for you have to develop a good rapport with him.
  • You should frequently meet your supervisor with regard to your thesis work.
  • You must ask as many questions from your supervisor as you can. You should get clarity of every minor and major thing related to your thesis from your supervisor.
  • You should also ask your supervisor for feedback and improvement recommendations in next meeting about the material you discussed with him in previous meeting.
  • You must stay in touch with your supervisor. There can be any type of hurdle come in your data collection process or you can be stuck at any point in your thesis work so you must stay in touch with your supervisor.

These are all the things you should remember while working with a supervisor

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Posted by September 16th, 2021