Unusual, Controversial Topics for a Research Paper

Controversial issues can easily translate into a research paper, and offer a lot of room for research and evidence. A lot of information is usually available on any controversial issue, as it is likely often discussed. When selecting a controversial topic, be sure to choose something that you are able to write about maturely and without bias. Here are some controversial topics you might choose to write about in a research paper.

  1. Racial Profiling: This is an issue that affects the legal system, airline industry, and just about every other aspect in society. Be careful when writing about this as it can be a touchy subject.
  2. GMO’s in Food: Discuss the uses and potential dangers of GMO’s in food. Are GMO’s a necessary evil, or can we manage without their use?
  3. Plastic Surgery and Body Modification: How far is too far? Should people be able to do as they please without judgment?
  4. Drug testing: Should it be required for education? At what point do businesses cross a line with drug testing?
  5. Censorship at School: Should certain books be banned? If so, why? If not, why not?
  6. Are water parks and zoos corrupt?: Look into any scandals currently held against different amusement parks. Many zoos and aquariums are receiving backlash for inhumane treatment towards the animals. Discuss their necessity.
  7. Is polygamy wrong?: Should society be more accepting of this lifestyle? Or is it something that is immoral and should not be tolerated?
  8. Stem-Cell Research: Are its benefits worth the cost? At what point do morals weigh more than health benefits?
  9. Gays in Army: Should homosexuals be allowed to fight in the army?
  10. Is there a correlation between rap music and violence?

Research papers on controversial topics are extremely interesting and usually have a lot of information to write about. Be careful when selecting a controversial topic, as some of them may require that you tread lightly so as not to seem offensive or abrasive. It’s fair to share your opinion in the paper, so long as it is well-informed and respectful. This list is solely meant to give you some ideas to think about for your next paper, and maybe inspire new ideas to come to mind. Some other topics you can consider are:

  • Conspiracy Theories
  • School Prayer
  • Life on Mars
  • Insanity Plea
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Mandatory Divorce Counseling
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal

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Posted by November 5th, 2014