Choosing Among Hundreds of Science Research Paper Topics

So you’re taking a writing-intensive science course, and your instructor is expecting a research paper on a topic of your choosing. Perhaps your instructor provided a list of sample topics that was extremely long, or perhaps you were left to fly completely blind and just performed a web search for topic ideas. Either way, you have been left with a variety of possible topics to explore and have no idea where to begin.

There is no need to be overwhelmed by hundreds of potential science research paper topics. These tips will help your whittle down your options and select the optimal area of exploration.

Know Your Strengths

Consider which aspects of science you are the most accomplished in, and only expend serious attention on the research topics that are relevant to that area. If you are a talented student of all the subfields in science, consider the research paper topics that are most closely related your won scientific interests.

Do you excel in Biology? Consider only research paper topics involving cells, plant life, ecological systems, or other biological topics. Do you prefer Chemistry? Consider topics that will make use of your knowledge base. Are you more interested in applied topics? Consider research paper subjects involving medical research or ecological interventions.

Rule Out Topics You Don’t Understand

It’s likely that some of the research topics you are considering involve complex terminology or concepts that you struggled with at one point or another, or which you currently don’t have the greatest grasp of. As you read topic ideas, ask yourself you could currently explain and define all the terms in the prompt, off the top of your head, with no help from outside sources. If you cannot do this, move on to another topic. If you will be writing a lengthy paper about a subject, it should be one you are very comfortable with.

Choose Something Your Instructor Loves

The sciences are a broad set of fields, and no class can cover every relevant topic. Pay attention to which subjects or special areas your instructor talks about a lot, particularly the ones that get them excited or interested. You may even wish to ask your professor which topics he or she studies in their own work. If possible choose a topic that is relevant to this area.

Choosing a topic that is beloved by your instructor has many advantages. First, your professor will be happy to read about their favorite area, and will feel a kinship for you because you have taken an interest in it. Second, you will have greater access to information and help than if you picked a topic that was not covered extensively in class. Third, you can ask your instructor for additional information or tips!

These suggestions should help make the process of selecting a research paper topic a little less arduous.

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Posted by December 3rd, 2014