Research Papers for Sale vs. Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is probably the nastiest, most offensive word you could use in the academic world. It comes with a sense of well-earned disdain and disrespect. Plagiarism is completely unforgivable for many reasons. First of all, students that plagiarize are lying to their professors and disrespecting their entire education. At the same time, they are taking credit for the wise words of another author! In education there’s nothing worse than plagiarism, and that’s why discovered plagiarizers are punished so severely. However, what about companies that write original, authentic research papers? What about paying a company to write an assignment for you? Not to copy from another course, but to do your assignment on their own?

To many people, there is no difference. Buying an assignment from a writing company is just as detestable as copying and pasting text into your word document. However, there are significant differences between purchasing a research paper and plagiarizing existing work. These differences not only exist within the papers themselves, but within the people that purchase them.

When people plagiarize, they are essentially trying to get out of doing work. They have no conscious respect for their class, teacher or school, and they’re trying to ‘pull a fast one’ on their academic leaders. These people don’t get far and don’t learn much of anything, being too self-centered and avoidant of real work. This is not the case with individuals that buy essays. Students that buy essays, nine times out of ten, are not in this same mindset as plagiarizers. If they wanted to be lazy and selfish, why would they give up their hard-earned catch? Most students that buy research papers are simply overwhelmed. They respect their education but don’t have the time or energy to conquer every assignment that’s dished out to them. They buy research papers because they have to – they’re at the end of their rope, and have no other options.

The other key issue is that buying a research paper does not blatantly copy the work of another writer – unlike plagiarism. A research paper bought from a reputable writing service is still original. It is a piece written from scratch that is unlike any other essay, paper or assignment out there. The student is still turning in an original piece of work. This displays a consistent level of respect, because even though the student did not write the paper his or herself, they value their integrity enough to still hand in something unique. They also value their fellow writers enough not to obviously steal their work. Overall, it is far more respectable and smart to buy a research paper than to plagiarize another’s work.

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Posted by October 26th, 2017